Why Your Small Business Needs Email Marketing

Why Your Small Business Needs Email Marketing

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Email marketing is dead. People don’t read emails. Emails end up in the junk folder. Don’t bother sending emails. Put your focus elsewhere. To many, email marketing is done for. Social media is the new thing. They could not be more wrong! Email marketing is still well alive and one of the best tools a small business could use to grow!

As a small business owner, affordable tools with high returns on investment are essential to you. Every penny counts. Thus, when it comes to picking marketing tools for your business, you want to make sure you are making the best decision. If you were thinking about email marketing, we can confirm it is a very good move!

5 benefits of email marketing

Easy to use and measure

Email marketing is a great tool to use since it does not require being an expert. Sure, it will help if you know your way around Photoshop or Canva and have a bit of design experience. However, you will not need a marketing team dedicated to your email campaigns. Always focus on the quality of the content. 

Your content must be straightforward, go to the point, be useful and bring value to your customers. A lot of email softwares comes with pre-made templates that you can use for your campaigns. Most of those softwares are very simple and intuitive, even for beginners.

Create an email marketing calendar and decide on how frequently you’ll be sending emails out. You can also automate campaigns, with emails sent to new customers, abandoned cart, birthdays, etc. Measuring the performance of your email campaign is also very easy.

Email marketing software will allow you to track open, click through and conversion rates. Comparing performances will tell you which email is performing best, what type of content your subscribers like the most, and what content to send next.

Build strong customer relationship

Email marketing is a very strong marketing tool. People are actively subscribing to your email list. They want to hear from you, want to receive emails from you. They choose to become a subscriber and are therefore more likely to respond positively to your emails.

Turns out, not only do people want to hear from you, they also like emails more than other advertising techniques. It does make sense since email marketing is permission based. It is also very convenient since your subscribers can read their email on their phone. Emails also allow for personalization.

Customers love customized content. While a social media post will target anyone seeing it, an email will be addressed to a particular person. For example, email marketing softwares let you use name tags so that the email will be addressed “to name”.

You can also segment your audience and send different emails to different people. Again, this allows for a more personalized experience, that matches where in the purchasing journey a customer may be. Email segmentation makes it easy to deliver the most relevant offers and content to the consumer.

Reach the right audience

One big benefit of email marketing is that it allows you to target the right audience wherever you are. Emails land straight into your subscriber’s inbox. They have signed up to your email and are therefore interested in what you have to say.

As opposed to billboards, commercials or other promotional materials. People open their emails. Do not believe us? What about that! People spend 30% of their time at work and 50% of their time at home checking their emails. That is a lot of time and using an email marketing software will ensure that your email ends up in front of the right people at the right time!

You can indeed schedule campaigns in advance for specific days. Email marketing softwares also help you optimize your campaigns and send out emails at the best time for your audience. I.e. when they are most likely to open their emails.

91% of people who are subscribed to a business’s email like to receive email from that business. They check their email regularly and like to receive them. In the end, email marketing is a very convenient tool that allows small businesses to reach an audience that is already willing to read their message.

Increase conversion rate

One amazing feature of email marketing is retargeting. It is also quite common with ads. For example, when you see a product from a website you browsed, showing on another website you are currently checking out. 

Email marketing allows for retargeting too. It puts a product you may have been interested in in front of you again and again to convince you to buy it. Shoppers see so many pieces of content that it becomes harder and harder to catch their attention. Sending reminders of a product they checked out can increase the chances they eventually buy it.

Email marketing softwares allow you to create automated campaigns with multiple purposes and goals in mind. For example, you can create an “abandoned cart” series. Using your website data, a customer that left a product in their cart will receive an email reminder after 1h, after 24h and after 72h.

You can even offer an additional discount in the third email in order to convince the customer to buy. There are other automated emails such as a welcome email, birthdays, welcome back, etc. Email marketing is part of your lead nurturing campaigns as they can help move leads through the marketing funnel quickly and effectively. 

Email marketing is cost-effective

One of the most appealing benefits of email marketing is of course its affordability. It provides a return on investment that has been seen to increase year-on-year. For example, in 2016, for 1$ spent in email marketing, businesses made on average a $44 return on investment.

Not only does email marketing take very little investment to get started, it is also inexpensive to maintain. Thus, it allows small businesses to get more for their marketing spend. Email marketing will indeed allow you to reach thousands of customers for just a few pennies per recipient. 

The cost of email marketing is low since softwares are very affordable. The price only increases when adding features or going over a certain subscriber threshold. Even then, those new features will help you optimize your campaigns, reach more people and get more out of your budget.

If you do not have someone in-house to design emails for you, you could hire outside help. However, since most email marketing softwares have pre-made templates, you can always use those resources. You can also use Canva to design emails, use existing templates, etc.

In conclusion

Email marketing is a great marketing tool for small businesses with a tight budget. It has a high return on investment, a low cost and allows for accurate targeting of your ideal audience. Emails and automated campaigns are great to improve conversion rates and turn website visitors into purchasing customers.

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