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Connecting brands to their consumers with outstanding social media strategy

At Happy Shark Media, we are experts at helping our clients establish and maintain their brands on a variety of social media platforms that create powerful connections with their audiences online. We integrate social media into our overarching marketing approach and leverage the medium to drive engagement, improve SEO, build and grow relationships, and drive website traffic and lead generation. We will also incorporate influencer marketing into social media strategy if needed.

Social Media Services

Social media strategy

  • Conducting in-depth research including social media audits of your own socials, other brands on your competitors.
  • Providing overarching content and channel strategy and channel consulting for your business.
  • Creating, implementing and maintaining integrated cross-channel strategies on the social media platforms most suitable for your business.

Content creation & management

  • Setting up social profiles, designing and creating content including imagery and copy.
  • Creating page content (imagery, videos, special campaigns, copywriting).
  • Managing platforms including direct posting and community building, monitoring and engagement.

Social media advertising

  • Creating acquisition and retargeting ads on various social media platforms to leverage social media followers and existing website visitors.
  • Promoting social posts, channel management and integration with organic social media strategy.

Influencer marketing

  • Researching and auditing social media influencers (target audience identification, follower engagement).
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with industry-specific social media influencers.
  • Launching and assisting brand ambassador programs including program development, identifying partners, creating agreements and development of all program elements.

Reporting & Analysis

  • Provide ongoing analysis and optimization of social media performance.
  • Create weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly reporting on key growth and engagement metrics across platforms.



Six advantages of social media marketing

Social Media helps your business build relationships with your audience.

Social media drives consistent organic traffic to your website.

Social Media helps in brand building and strengthens brand image.

Social media improves brand loyalty and creates brand authority

Social media decreases marketing costs and offers excellent customer service.

Social media increases conversion rates, lead generations and sales.

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