digital campaigns

Digital campaigns for product launches that convert

Alongside 360° digital marketing services, Happy Shark Media offers a digital campaign service to help brands launch a new product, a new collection or organize other significant brand events. We understand that some companies may want to test the water before outsourcing their full digital marketing or want help on a particular campaign. That is why we offer this individual digital campaign service and can work on a campaign-per-campaign basis with you. 

Whether you are building a campaign for your current audience or trying to tap into new territories thus reaching untapped market segments, we are here to help you build a high-impact digital campaign. A new campaign for a product launch is unique. It requires all the skills, talents and industry knowledge of starting a new endeavor, yet it resides within an existing company which is very challenging. Happy Shark Media will advise you on a viable action plan. With the strategic mindset to help you work through brand, voice of customer, marketing plan, and sales approach, we can ensure your new product or service is well received…and in a timely manner.

Our digital campaigns are tailored to your needs.

We will customize the campaign to ensure it reaches the right target, speaks to your audience and receives a lot of engagement. We have a full menu of digital services that you can combine for your campaign.


We create SEO-friendly content for your website around your campaign.


We create an editorial calendar and a blog post schedule around your campaign.


We create photo, video and written content for your campaign to use online.


We set up search, display and shopping ads to drive instant traffic to your website.

Social media

We built a social media strategy for high engagement, impressions and online impact.

Influencer marketing

We work with social media influencers to increase your reach and conversion rate.

Email marketing

We use email marketing to target your existing subscribers and increase sales.

Digital Ads

We set up acquisition and retargeting social media ads to increase awareness and traffic.

Influencer events

We work on offline activations to increase brand awareness and word-of-mouth.

We build high-impact digital campaigns for your product launch

Let us build a tailored digital campaign to help you reach new audiences

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