How To Use Youtube To Promote Your Business

How To Use Youtube To Promote Your Business

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Taking a photo and filming a video are not the same thing. While one takes a second and will be still forever, the other one requires some more time talking to the camera. Which a lot of us do not feel comfortable doing. Setting up a Youtube channel for your small business does not mean that you will have to film yourself talk every week to add content. There are many ways to build a Youtube channel. But it does mean that you will have to think of a strong content strategy to get it started. This is the first step when you want to use Youtube to promote your business.

Youtube is intimidating. As we said just above, we do not all feel confident in front of the camera. However, Youtube can become an amazing marketing tool if leveraged correctly and can really help your business grow. After all, it is the second most popular website in the world, after Google. Using Youtube to promote your business offers a different medium to your audience.

How to use Youtube to promote your business

As a matter of fact, people tend to prefer video content over images as it allows them to multitask. With videos, it is easier to visualize concepts. Remember that accommodating the needs of your customers is the main goal of businesses. Furthermore, YouTube is also beneficial for your pre-existing content. Pages including relevant videos get a boost in search rankings. Thus, having your own videos can improve the search ranking for your website and traffic to your YouTube channel all at once.

Two birds with one stone.

1. Youtube statistics you need to know

Youtube can be used in many ways. While it has mostly been known for giving a lot of vloggers and youtuber a career, companies have also learnt to leverage its power to boost their brand, increase traffic and revenue. Before we delve into how you can use Youtube to promote your business, let us convince you that it is indeed somewhere you need to be with a few statistics.

Youtube is thus a huge force to content with. Because of the visibility if offers to brands that use the platform and the audience they can tap into. But also because content that is on Youtube is evergreen. As opposed to an Instagram story that has a 24h lifespan or an Instagram post that will be seen for up to 48h and cannot be found online, Youtube videos can. They will have an online presence until they are deleted. Thus, you never know when a video can go viral.

Now, let’s get into how you can use Youtube to promote your business.

2. Create a Youtube strategy

Due to the very nature of the content distributed, Youtube can be much more time-consuming than other social media. That is why you need to build a content strategy for your Youtube channel before you even start it. Then, you will be able to assess the amount of content you need, what topic will your channel focus on, the time you will spend maintaining your channel, etc.

The first thing to do is to actually decide what is the raison d’être of your Youtube channel. What goals do you have for this platform? What type of video content will help you promote your business on Youtube? For example, you can set up a Youtube channel to:

  • Improve brand awareness and engagement
  • Generate more leads and conversions
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Improve sales
  • Build relationship with Youtubers and vloggers

Having goals help you give a direction to your initiative and know where you are heading. Knowing your objectives will help you create the right videos for your channel, videos that will achieve your goals. Now you can create a Youtube content calendar with a posting schedule to know how much content you will need to create on a weekly basis.

3. Get on with video content creation

Depending on the nature of your business as well as the goals you set for your Youtube channel, the content you will create will vastly vary. While some brands will only use Youtube to post about their latest campaign videos, other brands will actively try to post engaging videos with an educational aim. The latter tend to be the most popular ones.

If you worry about your ability to produce high-quality videos, you can relax. Most smartphones nowadays have excellent camera built-in and create content with a clear image and pristine sound. Circling back to the videos you will post, think of your goals again and what you would like your Youtube channel to bring to your subscribers. You may also factor in the different stages of sale funnels.

At the top of the sales funnel:

  • Brand videos showcasing your business and your core values
  • Educational and how-to videos
  • Interviews with influencers and thought leaders in your niche
  • Animated videos
  • Documentaries

In the middle of the sales funnel

  • Product demonstration videos
  • Campaign videos
  • Video testimonials
  • Case studies

Having a look at your competition and analyse what they are doing can help you decide what type of content to go for. Their engagement rates and metrics will be a good indication of what works and what does not work. You may also spot some content gap on their channel that you can use to create content and offer your audience the information they could not find anywhere else.

4. Optimize your Youtube channel for SEO

Youtube is a search engine. Thus, search engine optimization can play a significant role in your channel growth, which will in turn impact your business. Just like you would optimize a blog post for SEO, you need to optimize both your channel and your videos. Optimizing your Youtube goes through the usual SEO tactics but will also rely on how your Youtube channel looks as a whole. Retention rate is factored in when it comes to ranking so a visually not attractive channel will not play in your favor.

  • Optimize your channel page: Your channel page must look nice, coherent and professional. Use on-brand thumbnails that are visually striking and informative. Have a catchy channel thriller to give visitors a preview of your channel. Write a detailed “about” page and add keywords that are relevant to your business.
  • Keywords in your channel name: if possible, include a related keywords to your business in your channel name so that people know straight away what you are about.
  • Use channel tags: Go into the advance settings of your channel and add keyword tags. The purpose here is to allow YouTube and Google to index your site for search, so the more relevant, contextual information you can provide, the better.
  • Keyword search: Your business will already be associated with certain keywords due to the nature of your products or services. Do some research around those keywords, synonyms, variations and related key-phrases that you can use on your channel page and video description. The more variation of your keyword you cover, the better.
  • Film long videos: The most important video ranking factor is video watch time. It means viewers have found enough value in your videos to remain on the page. The best way to keep users occupied is to produce long videos that strategically disperse valuable information throughout the duration of the entire video. As the first 15 seconds are crucial to catch the attention of the viewer, make sure they are catchy enough.
  • Follow SEO best practices: add end screen and cards to your video. Say your keywords so that the algorithm get another confirmation as per what your content is about. Add compelling language in the title and description. Encourage viewers to like and comment, don’t be afraid to ask them in the video. Create playlists to enhance watch time. Add tags to your videos.

Youtube is quite saturated a platform and the competition is huge. Thus, it is crucial that you take any opportunity to improve your channel and content visibility. Youtube SEO is a great way to increase the chances your channel gets found. Plus, it is free traffic to your website.

5. Work with Youtube influencers

Working with Youtube influencers is a great way to use Youtube to promote your business. As mentioned earlier, Youtube offers access to a huge audience that it would be a shame not to tap in. Furthermore, Youtube videos are evergreen content which can always be found online. Thus, even a year after you work with an influencer, people will still find the video, which will help create a constant flow of traffic and generate leads in the long-term.

Videos on the platform are pushed to both the creator’s subscription base and for non-subscribers who perform searches. Furthermore,  viewers of video are usually more active participants because clicking “play” and watching something for 8+ minutes is much more involved than passively scrolling through a feed. So not only do Influencers on YouTube maintain thousands to millions of direct subscribers, the quality of their reach is better. That’s why YouTube is consistently at the top of where people spend their time on social media.

Furthermore, YouTube Influencers are (in general) more down-to-earth, personal & personable, and evoke loyalty to the subscribers. These Influencers have cultivated an opt-in audience who often make buying decisions off their recommendations. Moreover, some Youtubers might only have a few thousand subscriptions on their channel, but their audience is loyal and has expressed direct interest in this niche. It can be a bargain to work with a dozen of these micro-Influencers, rather than with one big Influencer.

In short, working with influencer has a very high return on investment, will allow you reach new audiences, gain brand awareness and increase brand credibility. They are also a proven way to generate leads and increase conversion. Whether and how you work with influencers will depend on what products or services your business offers obviously.

6. Leverage Youtube ads

There are several ways to promote your Youtube channel organically. You can share each video to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other relevant social media platform. You may also feature your latest videos on your website, which will expose them to your visitors. Adding cards during your video and an end screen will also help encourage your subscribers to see more of your content.

However, if you do no want to wait for your channel to grow and want to get the ball rolling fast, you can always use Youtube Ads. They are perfect to tell potential subscribers of your videos and channel. Promoting your video goes through Google Ads, and works well to get views. If you created an engaging video, the paid viewers will increase shares, likes, and comments, which will help your search ranking and increase your following for your next video.

When setting up your ad, you can select criteria to narrow down your audience and ensure you target the right people. The average cost per view decreases as you get more views. Overall, Youtube Ads are not so costly and can really help give a good boost to your videos. Even when you stop the ads, your video will keep on performing due to the high number of views it acquired when sponsored.

When it comes to using Youtube to promote your business, there is a lot that can be taken into account. When it comes to optimizing content for search, no one knows the exact formula that YouTube or Google use. The best way to figure out what works for your business is to try and test.

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